School Principal Message

Every one learns in this world new thing and develops himself and herself as per personal thirst & zeal. If he/she is nurtured by an able guide in an ideal environment his/her personality will come out shinning. Children need to be guided and facilitated in free and democratic environment for better learning. In this electronics era children remain stuck with computers and spend a little time to read and write. Possibilities of development of creativity in children have been minimized by electronic media. Print media has its own importance. There is a lot of scope of creativity and development of knowledge and personality through electronic media. Our Vidyalaya endeavours to strike a balance between electronic media and print media for all round development of children. Our Vidyalaya conducts e-classes, ICT aided teaching, computer aided TLM and above all computer classes as a subject for all students so that they can develop their ICT skill to cope with the fast changing world of 21st century.

Dibyendu Datta